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lady is proud oflatex sitting in armchair, and her slave crawls at her feet. She lets him lick her shoes, and as a reward for a job well done she gets a permission bonus to lick and suck her toes.

The Format: MP4

 Resolution :  1920 x 1080

 Duration:  00:14:41

The Size of a file:  400 MB

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A sexy blonde in a corset that only emphasizes her figure and high leather boots on long noggas, which is especially striking in the eyes of fans of fetish shoes.

 The Format: JPEG

Resolution : 1150×1500 -1500×1150

 Pics: 12

 The Size of a file:  28.1 MB

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wellington boots fetish

riding boots

An unapproachable girl dressed in clothes and boots for riding, with her permission guy began to lick boot, experiencing pleasure from humiliation from our femdom.

 The Format: MP4

 Resolution :  720 X 400

Duration:  00:10:33

The Size of a file:  176 MB

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fetish foot young brunette

brunette sits in an armchair dressed in a short dress and leather boots. Before her on her knees is no longer a young man and waits for team to lick boots and legs of her young mistress.

 The Format:  WMV

 Resolution :  1280 x 720

 Duration:  00:05:24

 The Size of a file:  122 MB


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A young woman pair shooting at a guy from an iron cage decided to use her power. A red-haired girlfriend and brunette put their feet in front of a guy shod in leather boots to lick their tongue. Taking off their boots, they gave their little fingers to the guy’s. He licked and sucked every finger on his leg, then roughly thrust his legs into his throat.

 The Format:  MP4

Resolution :  640 x 360

 Duration:  00:07:21

 The Size of a file:  227 MB


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